Social Media

Where less is always more and the ride is always fast, social media is here to stay, rapidly changing, constantly evolving.  It’s critical to any operation, offering cost effective, grassroots exposure.  It’s the method by which your customers and clients want to receive information about you and they want it in a concise and friendly manner.  I hope you’ll use the icons below to connect with me while also perusing my blog.  I look forward to working with you in establishing a successful social media campaign for your operation.  Together, I can assure you, we’ll achieve great things.

Annual Contracts
Contract fees range in price from $1200-$2600/month for social media management services.

Event Services
Contact me about offering social media support for your upcoming event.  The length and level of involvement  vary depending on the specific nature of the function.  My unique background working in special events combined with my passion for digital marketing offers a unique and unparalleled skill set guaranteed to garner total success and maximum exposure.